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This article is about Uriel's DELTA. You may be looking for Lt. David v.d.v, who was named DELTA..
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Delta, the "Last Wish"
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Insignia of Delta

Activesince 1977
AllegianceFlag of the United States.svg United States
BranchUS Army
TypeSpecial operations
HeadquartersDelta Headquarters
Motto(s)Victoria non negatur.
Decorationsribbon bar
Army Superior Unit Award ribbon.svg
Commanding officersUriel
Executive officersNatsu
Victoria non negatur.
— Delta's motto

DELTA, the Dernière Volonté ("Delta, the last wish") is a special forces division within the United States Armed Forces, lead by Uriel and Lucifer.

With a wide variety of operators in each field, DELTA has been proven to be exceptional in many types of warfare, i.e., counter-terrorism, counter-insurgency, and reconnaissance.

It is based off of the real-life Delta Force.



In 1944, David van der Velt was at his last life in a hospital in Vierville-sur-Mer, in Normandy, suffering from serious injuries. David gave his good friend Uriel a statement, stating his dreams of creating his own army.

Inspired by David's dreams, Uriel founded DELTA in 1975 to commemorate him.


The United States Armed Forces recognized DELTA as a new force and was given necessary ordnance. This is where Uriel and Lucifer started conscripting its captains.



Name Rank Status
Uriel Commander Active
Lucifer Vice Commander Active
Natsu Executive Officer Active
Zidane Verdot Executive Officer Active


Name Rank Status
William Viklund North Active
Lewis Nakamaru West Active
Marcus Vergil East Active
Henrik Arvidsson South Active
Dante Oriax Center Active


  • DELTA FORCE is based off of Delta Force, a special operations force of the Joint Special Operations Command.